Friday, 2 August 2013

Ibiza - my new love

I have just come back from the most amazing holiday.  Ibiza.  An island that for years I kept thinking I was past my prime for - you know, all the 20-something year olds head on over for a long weekend (or even one night - the flight schedules certainly cater for it) to party their butts off and recover back home.  But I missed that boat, and then had kids and thought it just wasn't going to happen unless parents came over and babysit for a weekend whilst hubby and I took off and relived our youth.

But then all our friends who HAD been there in their prime had kids.  And took them back for a different style of vacation. And then for the past few years the marketing has taken off trying to sell Ibiza to this new market of the 'ageing ravers'.  And all the great feedback is true - Ibiza really is an island with two faces.

We headed out for a week and rented an amazing apartment in Cala Tarida. With a pool (adult and paddling), tennis court, private garden and one of the best beaches on the island just a few minutes walk away we were in paradise. The kids loved it immediately. To be an Australian living in London and not being able to jump in and out of the pool a few times a day always seems unnatural, so we were all in heaven.   Our local beach Cala Tarida was amazing - long stretches of sand, clear water, numerous bars and topless chics for the hubby to perve on.

We still managed to have a 'pretend we are young and still really stylish and not married/have kids' night out at Ushuaia Hotel for David Guetta's 'F*** me I'm Famous' set which was amazing.  Dancing around a hotel garden/pool with thousands of others in the sunset was brilliant - and David Guetta was outstanding.  Everything else was pretty much relaxation/food focused - so here are my pics of great finds from our time away...

Destino Bar in San Jose - quite literally the best tapas I have ever eaten.  This above was just our second course - meatballs, grilled peppers, chorizo, beans, chicken wings, prawns and braised beef just to name a few dishes.  I'm hungry now...

Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila) at Sunset - such a magical place with musicians walking around, tables lining the pavement on every main street.  So lovely.  And great to do the historical walk around during the day too to catch panoramic glimpses of Eivissa and the harbour.

The Jockey Club on Salinas - great breakfast in a wall-less restaurant right on Salinas Beach.  Great food, super child friendly and a very cool beach.  Pumping in the late afternoon with great tunes and food/cocktails served to your sun lounger.

The amazing Cala Bassa - stunning, stunning beach. Incredibly calm and crystal clear waters with a tree-lined backdrop housing a great Beach Club with numerous restaurants, massage beds and sun loungers.  Perfection.

The Fish Shack - an incredible find.  Literally a restaurant with a sheet of tin and umbrellas for a roof. It doesn't really even have a name - I think it was just given this one! You get offered a choice of fish caught that day - all served grilled, with the same sides of potatoes and salad.  No website, no address really as it is on a rocky edge surrounded by nude bathers off the beaten track.  So happy we found it.


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