Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Gratitude Journal

I've just been catching up on all my A Cup of Jo news (a fantastic blog by a NY based blogger and fellow mum) and she wrote a post a few hours ago on how a great way of increasing happiness is to write a Gratitude Journal.  So I've started mine.  I am aiming to make a few entries a week, and I've started off today with: I am grateful for Oliver running to greet me with the biggest hug after nursery, warm sunshine on your face, meeting a friend's new baby and being reminded of just how precious those first few weeks of life are.

Some other entries I can think of are enjoying a glass of wine in the garden in the summer time, the smell of your children when you bury your head in their little chubby necks, the compliment from a friend telling you you're a great mother.  I feel inspired already and do hope I keep the entries up.  It would be great to look back in a few months time and re-read all that has been noted.


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