Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The buzz on bee pollen

Have you discovered bee pollen?  I only have recently, and I am loving its list of health benefits!  It is one of natures most complete sources of nourishment - pop a teaspoon of it either on your morning granola/cereal or in a smoothie. It's chemical compound includes vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, folic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, protein and amino acids. But remember - this is still a bee product so do not take it if you have any bee allergies, and it is also recommended to not take when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Here are some reasons as to why you should add it to your daily diet:

*Contains enzymes that can help aid digestion
*Immune system booster
*Boosts energy
*Slows ageing


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The C Word...

No, I'm not talking about THAT word that is going to get my blog kicked off the online community. But instead I am talking about a different C word, one that perhaps some may perceive as even a dirtier word.  Its Cancer.

Everywhere you go everything seems to be related to it: - what you're eating is giving you cancer - oh no wait, new research is telling you it's actually making you stay immune to it; what you're wearing, what you're driving, even what appliances you have and where you live is giving some 'expert' out there a reason to tell you how much more/less likely you are to suffer from the disease at some stage in your life.

But when you actually become diagnosed with it, I'm sure that none of these details matter.  What happens is you are given a sentence - a short one or a long one, who knows, and no one can ever be certain of your fate.  I think I try to live a healthy lifestyle - I eat loads of veg, try to buy organic, not all my household cleaners are toxic ones, I laugh and love lots, I am aware of my gratitude in having another day of healthy life in front of me, I exercise (a bit) - but even if I was ticking all these boxes to 100% and living a completely toxin free and healthy lifestyle I think you would be kidding yourself in thinking that it can never happen to you.  I believe that whilst I do think I could be improving a lot on the health side of things I also believe it to be unhealthy to focus on avoiding serious illness if it means you are just doing it to tick the box - no point in being miserable eating 1kilo of spinach everyday whilst living in a tent in fresh country air and performing 5 coffee enemas each day if your heart is not in the actual reason as to why you are living a certain life.  I am fortunate in that I love eating amazing green foods every single day and miss them when I don't have them.  I feel like my day isn't on the right start if I haven't repeated a few mantras whilst doing my sun salutations in the morning before I start the day with my family.

But anyway, I've completely gone on a tangent here - what I was trying to get at was that there are quite a few people out there at the moment who are telling their story of living with cancer with such poise and beautiful story lines that I just had to share their journeys with you all.  They will certainly make you feel as though you do want to be living your life to the fullest -and I guess that is what I was getting at. Find what makes you happy - and do it each day.  My daily goals are showing gratitude, giving and feeling love & laughter, and nourishing my body with food and motion. And hopefully I can continue this way for a very long time, and if I do ever get the C word diagnosis handed to me, I will at least know I have been doing my best with my time and it will give me the motivation and tools to continue that way for as long as possible….

1. The Wellness Warrior - Jess Ainscough -
I've mentioned Jess before here on my blog.  A wonderfully motivating fellow aussie sharing her life story on living with cancer and how she is living her second chance of life.

2. Crazy Sexy Cancer - Kriss Carr -
I love this chick. Google 'crazy sexy cancer trailer' and watch her youtube video.  It will move you to tears and motivate you at the same time.

3. Sam's Space - Sam Reynolds -
Sam is a friend of a friend, and she has been diagnosed 3 times with breast cancer in her 20's and 30's. Horrific plate to be dealt with - her writing is harrowing and positively moving.


Monday, 14 April 2014

A second helping of A Cup of Jo

Can I just reiterate how much I am IN LOVE with this website?  Jo Goddard has everything on her blog - food, fashion, design and kids.  I never get around to reading it as much as I like, but I am trying to check up on her posts at least a few times a week now.  In particular I have found some amazing recipes on here.  I urge everyone to check out A Cup of Jo as soon as you can!


A scrummy mummy indulgence

As any enthusiastic cook who has children at home will know, finding the time to actually create any meals beyond the bog standard can be quite tricky.  With my first born, he would happily sit playing with toys whilst I chopped and cooked away, but now having two makes it a whole different ball game.  My cooking has to be done while child number 2 is asleep - which coincides with when child 1 has returned from nursery, so which means he is either playing on his own with no 1 on 1 time with me or plonked in front of the telly.  I thought that not working would give me more time to create lavish meals but the time I actually get to do this means that something else important has to give.

So I was super happy when approached at the school gates a few months ago by another mum who had started up her own business: 2.5hrs in a morning where your child is looked after whilst you prepare 3 main meals to take home for you and your husband, all done within nursery hours and no cleaning up to do after all the cooking.  No-one ignored.  And some uninterrupted adult conversation over a cup of tea.  Book me in!

Clair was looking (as we all are) for something to do with her time now that both of her children were of school/nursery age.  But she didn't want to work full time away from home.  So she started up the Scrummy Mummies Healthy Cooking Club. You can choose from morning sessions with childcare or evening sessions.  Plus there are also 3 week courses.

I decided to come along to a morning session - as I don't have the luxury of childcare for my littlest one at home, that was the class that caught my eye - having him looked after and a few hours 'off' to myself!  So I turn up at 9.15 on a tuesday morning and firstly got him relaxed into the creche - Clair's sitting room.  The childminders were lovely and as soon as my child was distracted with a toy I took off into the kitchen (he still has separation anxiety at 1.5yrs so I have to bolt while I can!).  The mums (there were 4 of us) all had a quick chat and donned our aprons whilst sipping tea.  Clair showed us the recipes that we were cooking for the day - Beef Panaeng, Cannelloni and Couscous Crusted Salmon.

The ingredients for each dish were all ready to go in individual crates, the utensils all readily available, and each step for each dish was printed on notecards and divided into 'immediate', 'after 30mins' and 'after 1hr' piles.  I love cooking and I think I am a pretty organised cook, but I really admired Clair for being able to dissect each recipe like that - and to do it every week!  So to work we went, dividing up chores and working through the meals.  There was the usual banter on swapping baby advice, who has a great new recipe/time saving tip and wondering whose baby that was crying through the closed kitchen door (definitely mine I could hear as he was swinging off the baby gate a few times!).  Clair was really good with assuring us that no baby had (yet) cried for more than a few mins of a class and it was true our day.  Sure, there were a few intervals of piercing screams from I think all of them, but the childminder popped her head around the door and checked on nap/food options and reassured us all that everything was fine.

At the end of the session, around 11.30am we started to pack up the dishes.  We each went home with 2 couscous crusted salmon fillets with a tomato and olive vinaigrette, 2 portions of beef panaeng, and 2 containers (8 rolls) of baked cannelloni - all packaged with lovely branded labels detailing cooking/freezing instructions.  So 6 meals and 2.5hrs to myself for £50.  Not bad at all.  I can't wait to go along again is all I can say!


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Is lather, rinse, repeat out the window?

A quick entry for today - how many of you out there lather, rinse and repeat?  Not me, I've never done the whole shampooing twice routine - one shampoo round then onto the conditioner.

But NOW I've heard about this new craze that is completely throwing our hair washing routine into a spin.  Condition FIRST, then shampoo.  Crazy, I know, but after reading this article on the daily mail site, I wanted to give it a go. It's recommended for finer hair that tends to feel quite heavy after just one day post-wash.  So today, I've put in a conditioning mask for a minute or so, washed out, then shampooed.  My hair didn't feel as great as it normally would when I stepped out of the shower, and I was worried the experiment would have me back in the shower re-washing.  But after I had combed my hair and started blow drying, my hair was feeling far less tangled and lighter - it was bouncing up at the roots with very little paddle brush intervention and the ends of my hair were looking much smoother too, and overall much shinier locks.  So - this may be a keeper routine in the de Yong household!  Let's see how my hair is looking tomorrow…..

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Youngblood cosmetics

I recently went on a Hen's weekend in the beautiful cotswolds and as part of our celebrations we had a makeup lesson on how to do smokey eyes.  The makeup artist instructing us, Michelle Brooks, was absolutely lovely and a calm amongst the storm of 10 girls getting tipsy and laughing at themselves doing smokey eyes for the first time!

Michelle introduced us to a fantastic brand of makeup called Youngblood, a mineral based line that I hadn't heard of before.  I asked Michelle for tips on foundation as my current one was about to run out and I wanted to try something new. I think so much about what I put into my body, and the products I use for my skincare, but I didn't really give my makeup a second thought.  It's something that I slap on every day of my life pretty much - why wouldn't I want something more natural?  Youngblood is based on finely ground minerals, contains a natural sun protectant and provides great coverage.  It also doesn't give you that white faced look you get in photos from when you are wearing any other foundations/bases that have titanium dioxide as their active ingredient.  The foundation and powder glided on and left my skin feeling like satin.  I was quick to purchase what Michelle had used on me, and have been loving my products ever since!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

An inspirational find - The Wellness Warrior

Whilst undertaking all my recent research into how to live better, eat wiser and relax a bit more, I started looking into smoothie recipes in preparation for the arrival of my new baby, a magimix blender.  I stumbled across a website called The Wellness Warrior. When signing up to the daily newsletters you get access to a fantastic e-book called the 'Green Mo Revolution' which is full of fantastic green smoothie ideas.

I then started reading through the site, and discovered what a real inspiration that the creator, Jess Ainscough is.  A fellow aussie, Jess was diagnosed with a rare cancer at just 22, and had to completely turn her life around to survive.  She has now found her voice in sharing her story with others and travels around Australia sharing her tips on healthy living, cleansing, etc., has her own tv channel and a recipe book.  Her story is inspirational and I just love everything she covers.  I urge you to go check her out.  I will leave you with one of Jess's parting comments:

''Your life is worth treasuring.  Your body is worth nourishing. 
And we need you here.  Alive and kicking''